Landlords and Tenants rights

At some point in our lives, we stay as tenants. This blog details the rights of the owners and the Tenants.

Do we have any law concerning the Landlords and the Tenants?

Yes, The first lease control enactment in India was presented in 1918. By 1947, practically all the significant urban areas and towns had their own lease control measures.

The Rent Control Act is one important act passed by the Government of India in 1948.

This Act was passed to deal with the various guidelines of residency and land ownership and to control the abuse of either the landowner or the occupant due to rent or occupancy.

Rights of Landlords
  • Right to a temporary recovery of possession
  • Right to increase the rent
  • To be advised of necessary repairs
  • Right to evict a tenant
Rights of Tenants
  • Fair rent
  • Eviction(Landlords can not forcibly evict the tenants)
  • No categories
  • No categories

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